Manshoor Kashef Corporation
Areas of Activity

Software solutions

Experts of Manshoor Kashef Company in the field of software solutions can provide services for production and development and support of ERP software systems, production of products and consulting in the field of business intelligence, production and consulting in the field of geographic systems, consulting in the field of Oracle database and weblogic server Provide.

Infrastructure services

Hardware equipment, installation of VOIP and CCTV, service, maintenance and support of servers, storage equipment and data center are some of the services provided by Manshoor Kashef Engineering Technical Company in the field of hardware services.

Telecommunications and network

Execution of fiber optic projects, installation, commissioning and development of network servers and related facilities, design including appropriate and efficient design to meet customer needs at a reasonable and scalable cost for project development, practical training of equipment provided, including services provided in This is the context.


Why should you leave your project to us?

According to the existing potentials, Manshoor Kashef can find the best solutions for your projects and find the appropriate solution to all your problems in different fields of information technology, and solve them with the fastest and highest quality solutions available. They pay.

Consulting projects
Infrastructure and network
Software projects
Hardware projects
Why Manshoor Kashef?

About Manshoor kashef

Manshoor kashef Engineering Technical Company has started to work in the field of information technology with years of experience in this field. The company, with its young and experienced staff, has taken firm and firm steps to improve the performance of organizations and institutions. Experts in the field of hardware and software are ready to provide services and products based on the latest technology to our valued customers.

Youthfulness alongside expertise

Our partners are our assets. Creative and young forces that are always learning and brainstorming. We are always looking for professionals. Manshoor Kashef is always ready to cooperate with elite and young forces.

Attendance and support

Delivery is the beginning of work. This is the motto of the technical teams. All Manshoor Kashef projects have a fresh start after delivery to the employer. Support and presence of the explorer charter with the employer is one of the main features that always emphasizes it.

Committed and reliable

How to choose the right method and design for each project that leads to the operation of the product or solve a specific problem at the employer is very important and vital. Manshoor Kashef is committed to completing the project. The credit gained by the proper and efficient implementation of projects can not be exchanged for anything.

Our team

Manshoor Kashef Technical and Engineering Company with the existing potentials has been able to put together a team consisting of motivated, regular, accurate and, most importantly, capable people.